Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Skier Building |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ on Skier Building

Just before the start of the recession, Avon was hitting its stride as it adopted its most promising plans for the town and for the Avon commercial core, and then like other communities, the recession caused us to retract, take good care of the town’s finances and wait for better day. In the last two years, Avon has gained back its step and is once again thriving with momentum, accomplishment and opportunity. The Skier Building is an important piece in helping Avon build a better place.

In seeing all of the various statements against the purchase, I think the facts have come out clearly to show that the building is sound, in the right location for our needs, has the parking needed, and is being purchased at a price that is equitable. It will bring activity to the pedestrian mall and from that we will see empty spaces fill. We are building a dynamic town here and the potential for the old town hall to be redeveloped for park expansion, into a convention/arts center, for parking is the most exciting part of the Skier Building purchase. Moving town hall unlocks immense value near our lodging bed base and Nottingham Lake.

The question on the ballot is whether the town can use debt to buy the building. I know the town finances well and this is absolutely a “yes” vote. We have the revenue from debt we just retired and interest rates remain very low. If approved, financing will begin at a fixed interest rate of about 2 percent. In addition, we can pay off the debt early, if that is the right decision for the town. This is just the right time for this purchase.

I want to keep Avon moving forward and I want what is best for the town. Join me in voting “yes” for allowing certificates of participation financing. Join me in believing in Avon, good planning and our future.

Buz Reynolds

Avon town councilor

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