Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ to ambulance tax |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ to ambulance tax

A now infamous, not-soon-enough-to-be-former President Obama once said, “Elections have consequences.” They do; millions of people dumped on state Medicaid rolls by Obamacare, part-time jobs, sky-high medical insurance, tax and utility bills, loss of income and net worth, out-of-control government spending and regulation, companies leaving the once-prosperous USA in droves, manufacturing gone, education gone, executive action and the Supreme Court taking away the Constitution decision by decision and free everything for all of us. They won, we lost.

With the huge loss of income, net worth and traditional high paying jobs, most of us are having to learn to live with a lot less. The same should be true for most of government.

If you don’t like your station in life or the condition of our country and are going to vote Democrat, what are you thinking? Really! Democrat candidates promise to keep Obama’s and Democrat policies in place, on steroids. It will only get worse for the ambulances.

Adding more taxes is a short-term Band-Aid solution to our huge Democrat problem, but it must be done for now. Vote for the ambulances until we can undo the Medicaid situation caused by the Democrats.

Don Donnalley


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