Vail Daily letter: Yes to Clean Power Plan |

Vail Daily letter: Yes to Clean Power Plan

As a native Coloradan and active hiker, I am ecstatic to hear about the efforts of local Coloradans to clean up our mountains and trails. I love that people are getting out there, having fun and making a difference.

However, if cleaning trails isn’t for you, you can make a positive impact on the environment with a simple phone call. Later this summer, the EPA will finalize the Clean Power Plan that will reduce carbon output from power plants. By limiting carbon pollution, Colorado will transition towards renewable energy. This excites the possibility of a cleaner environment less pollution in the mountains and on our trails.

This is truly an exciting time for Colorado as we are on the brink of a huge change and every person can make a difference by supporting this plan or doing smaller things like getting out there to clean up our mountains and trails. Big polluters are pressuring our senators to kill the plan. Our senators need to hear about our support for the Clean Power Plan, so contact Senators Michael Bennet and Cory Gardner. The office number for Bennet is 303-455-7600 and the office number for Gardner is 970-663-2679. Call them today!

Megan McCracken

Greenwood Village

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