Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ to Gypsum fire |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ to Gypsum fire

Firefighters are not firefighters because they need to be. They do it because they want to help people, and make someone’s day a little brighter than it may be at that point. But it’s not always as cool as some people make it sound. It takes hard work and dedication beyond compare. They put their lives at risk to help you, and they do it willingly. But the fact is, they cannot do it without your support.

My father, Scott Benson, is a volunteer at Gypsum Fire Protection District. One day last month, a call came in at around noon. There was a wildland fire with 20-foot flames, coming close to a new housing development in Cotton Ranch. Had we not had enough people listening to their radios that day, the flames could have easily engulfed the houses. Luckily, we were. So Dad and I hopped in the truck, and literally sped over to the station, so he could respond. He wasn’t on shift, but he responded anyway. He nearly missed the hockey game that followed, which benefited the fire departments of Eagle County. It is not required that they do this. Firefighters are very brave people, who do it for you.

The fleet of firetrucks has stayed the same since 2006. Maintenance is a must, but unfortunately, it is costly, and often out of budget for Gypsum Fire Protection District. The tires have been unchanged since purchase of the firetrucks, which is a huge deal, since they could pop at any moment. The maker of Engine 14, their main response vehicle, went out of business in 2007, so all new parts must be purchased via eBay. This also happens to be the newest fire engine the department has purchased.

Every vote counts. I can’t vote yet, but I can help encourage you to vote “yes.” Once passed, it will not only affect the lives of the firefighters, but it will drastically improve the protection that they can give you. So vote “yes” on A.

Hoyt Benson

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