Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ to public safety facility |

Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ to public safety facility

We have both voted “yes” for both the proposed financing of the new Avon Police Station and the funding of the new facilities ​for ​our Fire Department. The facilities have a proven need, and investing in protecting our towns and neighborhoods has the highest importance to us.

We have visited the current facilities and they are in dire need of upgrading. We need to keep and hire the best and brightest first responders to protect us​. That will be difficult without a plan to make their working lives better. Asking those who protect us to continue working and living in these substandard facilities is wrong.

We have heard some concerns about additional traffic problems at the intersection of Swift Gulch and Nottingham Road. This issue has been addressed by the design​ team​. Only emergency vehicles leaving the Avon facility will exit onto Swift Gulch, probably four or five a day maximum. All other vehicle access, in or out, will be from behind the new medical office building.

The need exists already and it will only become more acute in our future. Let’s get this done now.

Fran Micka and ​Phil Struve


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