Vail Daily letter: ‘Yes’ to public safety facility

I have lived in Avon for over 15 years, and no local election has been more important than the one currently underway that finishes on May 3. Specifically, the residents of Avon need to support the proposed public safety facility. To do this, we must vote “yes” on the bond issue of the Eagle River Fire Protection District as well as the town of Avon ballot issue.

Avon is growing and will continue to grow. Both the Avon firehouse and the police department’s facility at Town Hall are decrepit, too small for our needs, and in a poor location given the development of the town. The proposed location on Nottingham Road is an excellent choice, providing access to the major thoroughfares in town. With the current location, emergency vehicles have to drive through small residential streets that are often populated with tourists as well as town residents. Consequently, the vehicles are often delayed — and in some cases, delays can mean the difference between life and death, or a small fire vs. a raging one.

Another main advantage of this proposal is cost savings. One larger structure is less expensive than two smaller ones. And, there are facilities that can be shared by the staffs of both departments, again, resulting in significant savings.

This facility is designed to meet our needs for 50 years. Public safety is not something we can take for granted, or expect it to be free. It is something we all can afford. Please vote “yes” on these two ballot issues.

Steve Coyer

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