Vail Daily letter: Yes, why close trail? |

Vail Daily letter: Yes, why close trail?

I read with agreement Steve Katz’ letter of May 18 regarding the destruction by the Forest Service of the trail above Berry Creek that had long been enjoyed by our local mountain biking community.

A few weeks ago this was my destination for the first time this season.

When I eagerly arrived at the trail, I was shocked to find it dug up and unrideable (even the long pre-existing section under the power lines)!

With a sense of anger, violation and sadness, I descended to the beginning of the now official Berry Creek Trail and enjoyed the short section at the top of newly constructed trail; though this Forest Service-sanctioned section was enjoyable, I felt a sense of loss.

How nice it would have been to have added this section to the now destroyed upper trail.

I think this trade-off is a net loss to our community.

In the future, Forest Service, please keep your constituents in mind; use common sense; enhance, rather than degrade, the value of our public land, especially so close to our active community.

Mark Stephens

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