Vail Daily letter: You might like it |

Vail Daily letter: You might like it

I having been reading all of the letters this past week about the concern for the new roller coaster in Beaver Creek. I have one small question for all of the residences of Beaver Creek — have they ever been to Breckenridge? Do they even know what type of roller coaster is being suggested at the base of Beaver Creek?

Breck is only a small, 45-minute drive from here and if they go to Peak 8 in Breck, the concerned residences of Beaver Creek can see that the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster is nothing but a metal track going up a forest area and then back down. Simple as that! I promise there are no giant loops upside down, no monster 50-foot drops and no hairpin turns that sweep 100 feet to the left or right. It is just a fun-filled activity that people of all ages enjoy. Usually the only sounds you can hear are the screams of joy and the yelping of fear as you speed down the coaster to the bottom of the hill.

Make sure if you go, don’t use the brakes! It is much faster that way and you will get the most bang for your buck. I have seen countless 5-years-olds and 70-year-old enjoy their ride on the Breckenridge Coaster.

Plus the one is Breck must not be too much of a problem for property values. They just starting building a huge new building this year right at the base of Peak 8. Certainly the Gold Runner Alpine Coaster has not impacted sales in this base area. Otherwise, I am sure these building would be stopped immediately.

Instead of spending all the money with lawyers trying to stop the coaster, maybe you should spend a few dollars and take a trip to Breckenridge and try the Gold Runner! Who knows — you may just love it and want to ride it again.

Kimberly Shikverg

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