Vail Daily letter: Your vote counts |

Vail Daily letter: Your vote counts

This letter is in response to Don Rogers’ Jan. 23 commentary titled “Did Avon hear the voters?” We own a condo in Avon, but are part-timers, so we get to pay taxes but don’t get to vote. Living in Houston, I find it mildly amusing that 419 votes is “resounding.” Nonetheless, the measure failed. Rogers’ first sentence, “Avon’s voters just said no” seems inaccurate to me. As I understand it, about 1,800 Avon voters didn’t say anything. Is it possible that most of the nay-sayers voted, and those in favor, perhaps assuming that, since it was just a referendum on financing, it would pass anyway, just couldn’t be bothered to send in that ballot?

A good lesson here. Your vote counts, particularly in a town as small as Avon.

Tom Hix

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