Vail Daily letter: You’re reasonable, right? |

Vail Daily letter: You’re reasonable, right?

Republicans, please send a message to us that you are not a war-mongering, carpet bombing, Muslim hating, Mexican hating, overreacting, non-diplomatic, fiscally irresponsible party that seeks to rule the US with an iron fist. You’re not ,,, right?

The last Republican president put us in two wars at a cost of over $4 trillion (pallets of cash disappearing in Iraq) and left office with those two countries in shambles and the USA, with the world to follow, heading for a depression. That was your fiscally sound plan for America? Now you want to carpet bomb until the sand glows (Cruz), threaten Iran over photographs (Rubio, even though Iranian sailor gate was resolved by Kerry within 24 hours with diplomacy) and make deals while bombing every last inch of just the bad guys, and, oh yeah, Mexicans are rapists (guess who). This is not made-up stuff — Republicans have said these things and they are running for president. Send a message, please, that you really don’t want any of these guys with their finger on the nuclear trigger, or are you so angry you’d rather go to war than see a diplomat as president?

It is funny that I never hear any Republican state a memory of any of that. Your memory starts at the Obama presidency and you have name called and blamed him for everything from the national debt (gee, did you forget that the two wars Bush got us into are being paid for with borrowed money?) to not curing cancer. I suspect that if he did cure cancer you would blame him for putting the chemo hat makers out of business. You seem to live in the bubble of Limbaugh, Fox, Palin vindictive, short-sighted obstructive anti-progressive hypocrisy.

Please tell us you are seeing a therapist for this anger against people who need health insurance and this unreal hatred of Hillary.

Please tell me that you see normalizing relations with Cuba, saving our auto industry, eliminating Osama bin Laden and actually coming up with some sort of change to the most expensive health care system in the world is in our best interest. Oh, I know you hate the health care policy and tried, what 67 times, to repeal it so 11 million people could be booted off health insurance so they could go where? The ER? Which we all pay for anyway? And your plan was … ? Oh yeah, you don’t have one.

So again, please send us, the citizens of the US, a message that you are actually reasonable people who don’t want to just obstruct Congress for the sake of vindictive, petty, narrow-minded politics. Tell us we have nothing to worry about from a guy who says, “I will make deals like nobody has seen deals being made,” gets into office. Tell us your party has not gone insane, please.

Michael Drake

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