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vdl Watching Eagle closely

Dear Don Rogers,

I read your editorial in (Friday’s) Vail Daily. I really appreciate your newspaper’s willingness to report on topics that are important to residents and that, hopefully, also remind public servants that their actions are subject to examination. I also appreciate your explanation of how your support of Stavney is not based on popularity; in fact, you know both and like both. It is based on observing Stavney’s demonstrated competence over a long period of time in various capacities.

I don’t know the mayor or his fellow board member and Florida travel partner. I also haven’t heard any rumors but I followed the Florida trip debacle closely. When all the facts eventually came out, I really thought there would be meaningful consequences for these two board members. Lucky for them, the voters of the town of Eagle seemed to be quite forgiving and only a few spoke up about their concerns. Now I’d like to ask the board what happened to the concept of paying it forward?

I do know Jon Stavney and his family and have the great respect for him. I thought the town of Eagle made an excellent choice in hiring Stavney as their town manager to replace the outgoing manager who held the job for 29 years. Apparently, the Eagle Town Board doesn’t agree and decided to wield their awesome power quickly before they will most likely lose their positions in the April election.

Here is what I know after watching past Town Boards: Town Board members come and go. Board members try to impose their will upon the town but sometimes they forget they serve only at the whim of the voters. And no matter what, they eventually move on and sometimes they move out. The legacy (or wreckage) left in their wake will be the responsibility of the remaining residents. To me, the existing Town Board seems prepared to leave Eagle residents with wreckage.

I own a business in the town of Eagle. But, I live in Gypsum where we keep and value our town manager. I can’t vote in Eagle matters. As you did, Don, I am also reaching out and asking Town of Eagle residents to please attend the next Eagle Town Board meeting (Tuesday at 6 p.m.). I’d really like to hear what Eagle residents think and what they want their board to do between now and the April election. Thank you!

Janet Jordan


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