Voting for McQueeney |

Voting for McQueeney

Eagle County voters who affiliate with either major party luckily have choices in this week’s primary election. Eagle Democrats may choose Jeanne McQueeney or Pat Hammon. Party leaders (I was one myself) tend to discourage extra candidates. I heard one party leader hoped to be the only Democrat running for county commissioner of Eagle County. Jeanne McQueeney is the additional candidate who resisted pressure and gave us a choice. I’m glad.

I’m voting for McQueeney. I know she can win. Jeanne has character, patience, knowledge and experience to make a great county commissioner. She listens well. Democrats ought to think seriously about giving her a vote. Anyone unaffiliated or unregistered in Colorado has the right to briefly join one of the parties and vote at the clerk’s office as late as 7 p.m. Tuesday. Each vote is especially meaningful when turnout is low.

Only 696 Eagle County Democrats and 701 Republicans had voted in the primary by Monday — about 10 percent. With less than a week to go it’s time to mark that ballot and carry it in to the clerk’s office. Depending on the Grand Junction post office is one of the ways to lose your vote. Go to a clerk’s office instead.

Do vote. Otherwise it won’t be someone you care about deciding how things are run. I care about Jeanne McQueeney. I hope you do, too.

Harvie Branscomb

El Jebel

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