Worst fears about the ‘L’

Homestead is awakening and doesn’t like having been deceived.

It is not the Homestead “L” open space success story. It is more like Homestead “L” is the center of lies, theft, deceit and misuse of of county funds. The misuse of county funds was for the purpose of coercing Homestead to give up 432 acres of its open space for zero.

ECEC stands for Eagle County Event Center. Read the management plan the for the “L”:

On page 9, “The county anticipates that certain special uses will be requested by the public, which are possibly too numerous and wide ranging to list on this plan.”

On page 5, a 5-acre building envelope is mentioned.

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Further, “However, future expansion of the parking area within the building envelope is allowed.”

Also, “Eagle County may allow parking on the grass outside the designated parking lot, but only within the building envelope.”

Five acres of parking is a far cry from the 10 parking spaces Homestead agreed to!

Anticipated for later, on page 7: “No hunting on the property and no hunting access through the property at this time.”

Are we to assume that soon the “L” will become a horseback hunting and staging area? Nice.

Conservation land may be sold. The way for all of this to be avoided is for Homestead to buy the North/South 80 acres of the “L.”

Barbara Allen

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