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Letter: To the people of Eagle

There are many factors that make somebody decide to run for Town Council. For me, the largest factor is our daughter. We want to raise her in a neighborly community like Eagle.

My wife and I have lived in Eagle for nearly a decade. Around the time we were getting married, we were talking about where we wanted to raise our family and decided to make a pro-con list. As our list expanded, we came to the conclusion that we would not find a community like Eagle anywhere else. This community is where we want to raise our family.

As a government and politics educator, I am always encouraging my students to get involved in their community. I assign them to attend town meetings, interview community members, and try to make a change in their community. As the 2021 election approaches, it feels like there is a lot at stake for our small town. With four major developments in the works — Hockett Gultch, East Eagle Sub Plan, Grand Avenue Corridor, and the Haymeadow development — our town is poised to undergo great change. I will work to ensure that as our town changes it remains the community that compelled my wife and I to raise our family here.

Community is not simply the geographic borders of a town. It is the people within those borders that make a community great. Eagle is a community of people who work hard and play hard. We watch each other’s dogs, our kids play sports together, and we dance to music in the park together. With me as your council member, I will work tirelessly to promote these community values as our town grows.

Business is the key to any successful town. The people need to be able to earn a living in order to thrive. As your council member, I will work to remove the red tape that restricts businesses ability to compete. I want to promote an economy poised to thrive off our access to recreation.

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Recreation is what justifies our added cost of living. It is important for our people’s physical and mental health. As your council member, I will work with organizations like the VVMTA to promote environmentally friendly, sustainable access to the outdoors.

Thank you for your help.

Weston Gleiss


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