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Letter: Too many close calls on the mountain

This letter is directed to Vail Resorts, as I believe company officials are the ones that caused the problem and the only ones that can reverse the trend. There are too many people on the ski runs and I believe it is now unsafe. I have lived here and skied here for 50 years, and what I term “close calls” used to happen once or twice a year, and now I experience them or view them every day I ski.

Pete Siebert jr. was recently quoted in this paper, saying Vail Resorts has dramatically increased lift capacity in the past years but hasn’t created new terrain. I am guessing new terrain would not be an easy fix, so what can Vail Resorts do? You need to reduce the numbers of skiers and enhance the quality of the experience of skiing in Vail, while making it safe again.

My suggestion, and I hope there are others, is to raise the price. You are bottom-line and stock-price driven, which I am not in argument with — I am a businessman also. So come up with a formula, maybe a break for Eagle County residents, but raise the price of a season pass and limit the number you sell.

Does it not bother you that your world class resort, on weekends and powder days, resembles a residential community with no covenants where everyone parks in the street. It bothers me, and I worry for my grandkids who live in Eagle and love to ski and have also experienced “close calls.”

Rick Cuny

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