Letter: Tourism vs residents

My husband and I live in the Talisman Condominiums at 62 E. Meadow Drive. We fully appreciate the importance of reopening restaurants, shops, and pedestrian areas to tourists, who support the local economy. Our problem arises with the open container allowances which have included placement of a metal picnic table in the public area in front of our residence. 

On July 16, there were people sitting, drinking, and speaking loudly until 3 am. The trucks to resupply businesses with liquor begin unloading at 6 a.m., with loud noises that also disturb sleep. Why can’t the town of Vail restrict people with open containers of alcohol to stop socializing publicly at 10:30 pm, as they do with currently regulated noise levels for events held in the village?

We called the police, but they said they would have to come out with decibel readers to determine noise levels, before they could recommend people disperse. Really?

At what expense to those of us who live here?

Floy Kaminski

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