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Letter: Town of Avon needs to respect Wildridge covenants

It’s like déjà vu all over again with the town of Avon. With their current Wildridge survey, residents are again caught up in their game of playing fast and loose with our protective covenants. We are forced to expend time and energy participating in a needless process that will lead to unpleasant confrontation with our town government to protect our neighborhood.

This time they are floating the ideas of: 

  • Building community housing on open space.
  • Building a parking area for the Forest Service on open space.
  • Removing restrictions on short term rentals in our quiet residential neighborhood. 

These ideas, in direct conflict with our covenants, would negatively impact the elemental character and quality of our neighborhood.

The town is relentless in its pernicious disregard for our sanctuary up here. I wonder who these people are and where do they come from? After the bike trail dog and pony show a few years ago, it was obvious that planners and councilmembers covet our open space and have no appreciation for the spirit and intent of the founding covenants. The Wildridge Protective Covenants were carefully designed to protect our community from invasive forces like this. I moved here 25 years ago hoping to get away from this kind of short-sighted predatory behavior. Instead of respecting and upholding our covenants, the town is like a fox guarding the henhouse as its leaders try to find ways to circumvent or disregard our covenants. 

Even if we manage to stop this latest round of meddling, they’ll be back again and again. It’s time for elected representatives to show some leadership and permanently commit to upholding our protective convents so we can enjoy our quiet neighborhood without worrying about fighting the next battle with the town. 

Doss Malone


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