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Letter: Transparency is critical in school board election

Transparency is really important in this Nov. 2 election for Eagle County School District Board of Education members.

All school boards are meant to be chosen without regard to politics or religion. All the candidates want our Eagle County Schools to improve academic scores. But this year there is a group of school board candidates who want to change the very essence of our schools by restricting the much-loved inclusiveness.

They have a Republican right-wing agenda that could make certain students feel unwelcome. These candidates will not tell you that this is part of their goal, but it is part of a broad campaign across the country to lessen the freedom of expression in public schools.

Be alert to stealth campaigns. Eagle County deserves the truth. We are a wonderfully diverse and inclusive county that has had — and want for the future — the best and most dedicated school board members who champion the rights of every student to an education and respect, regardless of their beliefs or sex.

The Eagle County Education Association, the local union for teachers, recommends its own set of five candidates. All of them are realistic, hard-working members of the community who honor our U.S. Constitution and base their decisions on science, compassion and plenty of experience.

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I urge you to support and vote for: Kelly Alter, Lelia Conlin, Juan Pena, Michelle Stecher and Dan Reynolds.

And remember, you can’t buy an election with pink posters!

Angela Overy


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