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Letter: Treason? You decide

A short paragraph in the March 29 Vail Daily column by Richard Carnes is about Tucker Carlson, the host of an hour-long, nationally televised, talk show on Fox News. The author suggests that the Tucker Carlson show is “helping the enemy,“ which is “treason.” Further, the author is calling Tucker Carlson “Comrade Carlson” suggesting a Russian connection. This paragraph was largely unrelated to the rest of the column, dropped in there inconspicuously, as if sowing the seeds in the minds of readers, for more to come.

The Vail Daily readers have the rare and immediate opportunity to watch the Tucker Carlson show at 6 p.m. daily, Monday-Friday (repeated at 10 p.m.) and decide for themselves, whether, he is really “Comrade” Carlson as you are led to believe by Richard Carnes.

Stephen Vastagh


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