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Letter: Don’t lump Trump and his supporters as racists

I feel compelled to respond to Jack Van Ens’ column entitled, “Old, White and afraid.” Rev. Van Ens is certainly entitled to his opinion, but he should use accurate data and not perpetuate the misinformation offered by “fake news” based on political goals that exclude any information which does not support his political goals.

Who in the Republican Party cringes at the legal Hispanics who are American citizens? Since the Hispanic employment rate and income levels have risen vastly since the beginning of President Trump’s administration, Rev. Van Ens must understand that Hispanics are appreciated and many are shifting their political support to the Republican Party. To suggest that Republicans worry about skin color is not supported, is inappropriate and totally inconsistent with accurate information.

Next comes the usual media distortion of a President Trump “tweet” when he commented on four Democratic Congresswomen. His tweet did not say that these women should “go back” to other countries forever but rather go back to their countries of family origin to evaluate the socialistic nature of their failing countries and return to the United States and offer improvements. To label President Trump’s remarks as “racist” and totally ignore the many utterances of these four women with their vitriol and hate for our country is inappropriate.

To then attempt to paint Republicans as being uncomfortable with white and brown people without discussing which party is clearly benefitting minority citizens the most ignores facts. President Trump’s economy is benefitting our great nation, including minority workers, by decreasing unemployment and rising wages.

Finally, to use a short quote from Jon Meacham regarding white supremacy is also misdirected. White supremacy was clearly characterized by the Democratic Party (with its relationship with the Ku Klux Klan) while the Republican Party focused on eliminating such disgusting treatment of minorities via the Civil War. Although change will occur as our country becomes great again, quoting David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the KKK, also lacks any credibility. No significant Republican has ever supported David Duke, although his name is often used with inappropriate intent by the mainstream media.  

Rev. Van Ens should review the comments of the many Americans of various skin color who support President Trump. Recently after hearing most of the mainstream media and selective Republicans in Name Only calling President Trump’s tweets “racist,” Dr. Ben Carson, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who has known President Trump for a long time, emphatically stated that President Trump is not a “racist,” nor has he ever been.

Finally, I would suggest that Rev. Van Ens review the writings of Saul Alinsky such as “Rules for Radicals” to determine which political party most closely parallels Alinsky’s teachings.

Dan M. Spengler


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