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Letter: Trump had his chance

In response to the column by Cal Thomas in Friday’s Vail Daily: President Trump got his honeymoon. He trashed our country from Day 1, though. Before the election, he broke the law to become president with the help of the Russians and has continued to break the law to cover it up. It is ridiculous to think he did not know about the meetings in Trump Tower with his family members and campaign leaders and the other Russian contacts made by his campaign workers and family members. He broke election laws by paying women with whom he had affairs to keep quiet.

Since the election, he has proven himself to be racist over the clashes in Charlottesville and all his actions toward his wall and the DACA kids. He lied to voters before the election and continues his constant lies today.  Please read the letter in Friday’s Vail Daily by Linda Carr alongside your column for the answers to your question. He had his chance. Now he postures a National Emergency to his base to build his wall and let’s hope the courts will stop him. He couldn’t be stupid enough to call another shutdown, could he?

Bob Essin


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