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Letter: Trump is just like us

The Republican National Convention has just ended and the president wants you to believe that he is just like you. He feels your pain. He will rescue us because he is us. Here are some thoughts you may wish to consider:

Donald Trump has never cut a lawn. Never changed a diaper or a tire, or his oil. He’s never taken public transportation. He never played ball with his kids. He never cleaned a bathroom or vacuumed a carpet. He doesn’t drive; he doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee. He’s never had a job that wasn’t given to him. He’s like you if you cheated on your first wife, your second wife, and your third wife. He’s like you if you paid $25 million in a settlement for your fake college. He’s like you if you stole from a charity. (Your own charity that is.) He’s like you if you discriminated against minorities in your rental properties. He’s like you if you bankrupted an airline and three casinos, and have been sued over 4,000 times.

Donald Trump is like you if you have told over 20,000 lies, falsehoods or misstatements in less than four years. Donald Trump is like you if you shout “Make America Great Again” and the majority of your Trump products are made outside the United States. Perhaps you’re like him if 100% of your daughter’s products were made overseas. He’s like you if your sons have a penchant for trophy hunting. Do you like elephants, water buffalo and leopard bodies? He’s like you if none of your family has served in the military, but enjoys shooting defenseless animals for sport.

I am not like Trump. The above statements are true, as I looked them up. If I quoted the sources, my word count would be through the roof. Feel free to do your own research. I do suspect that Fox News is broadcasting subliminal messages. That’s the only logical conclusion to the blind loyalty to this con man. OK, I made that one up. Vote (by mail).

Craig S. Chisesi


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