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Letter: Trump not a racist? Please

Butch Mazzuca strikes again with his latest column on the dishonesty of the press. In this case, I will give him that Trump was referring to people on both sides of the “taking down confederate monuments” question. Some in the press have not reported this correctly. But that is only because of the many remarks he did not make condemning the marching white supremacists in Charlottesville. Marchers chanting “Jews will not replace us” and anti-black chants as well — and we have a president not condemning that? Disgraceful, and telling about his true feelings.

“The president isn’t anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic or a racist.” Butch, you are dead wrong here. He has encouraged the outrageous, murderous behavior of young white males and their deadly actions against “invading” immigrants. He is an enabler, and focused on his mostly-white “base,” feeding bad motives so he can get re-elected. A majority of Americans realize this, and will vote to remove him from office in 2020. Whether or not the distribution of these voters across the states given the makeup of the Electoral College can make this happen remains to be seen.

Steve Coyer


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