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Letter: Trump unfairly criticized? Hardly

While I usually enjoy Butch Mazzuca’s column, I rarely agree with his opinions. I’m considerably more progressive than he is, but always curious to what he might be thinking. I’m usually not compelled to comment until now.

In his Nov. 30 missive, he opines that President Trump had been “unfairly criticized regarding the federal government’s response to the virus.” I’m curious, what part of lying to the American people, spreading false and misleading information, politicizing the virus to the point of mask wearing becoming a polarizing issue, holding super-spreader events in violation of his own administration’s policies, does Butch not understand?

This led to a higher coronavirus death rate in the United States than in 18 other countries since May. The United States death rate rose 20% from March to August, with 67% of the excess deaths attributable to the virus.

Trump’s continued divisive rhetoric, his present, complete ignoring of the virus, and efforts to sabotage the incoming administration should be incredibly alarming to any concerned citizen.

Justin Allison


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