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Letter: Trump’s trial is legal and necessary

I read Cal Thomas’ recent column calling Trump’s trial “bad drama” with total dismay. Why is the Vail Daily paying for this journalist’s inadequate, biased and half-baked thinking? The trial is designed not to “satisfy the left’s ravenous base that is out for blood” but to send the message to Americans that a violent insurrection will have consequences and to prevent Donald Trump, who definitely invited, encouraged, incited, praised and excused the violent rioters, from ever running for public office again.

Regarding Thomas’ points regarding free speech, the Constitution draws the line forbidding the “incitement” of an insurrection. Thus a president can say whatever s/he wants but not when speech is designed to incite an insurrection. Additionally, the majority of constitutional scholars have determined that this trial is legitimate since Trump was impeached when he was a sitting president; there are no restrictions on when the trial and possible indictment can take place — I don’t think we want to give an elected official permission to do illegal or immoral actions in the last days of their terms, do we?

As a moderate Democrat, I am not out for blood. I have spent the last four years truly sickened on a daily basis by Trump’s actions. He is corrupt, immoral and amoral, and a truly evil person. I have lived through many other Republican presidencies and never felt that way about our president. Surely conservatives can find someone decent to run for office in 2024.

Andrea Klein


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