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Letter: Turn it off

Idling your car to stay cool is not cool.

Leaving the engine running while your vehicle is parked or not in use is called idling. As record temperatures soar throughout Eagle County, opting to stay in your car while it’s running to beat the heat causes more harm than you may suspect to our health and environment.

When do we idle our cars? The Climate Reality Project Eagle County Chapter observed data on local drivers shows we would idle our car most commonly while checking the phone or waiting to pick someone up. Where are we likely to idle our cars? Drive-throughs, driveways, car washes, schools, stores, pickups at restaurants. So what is the harm?

Engines release pollutants like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds. One minute of idling produces more carbon monoxide than smoking three packs of cigarettes. We are not just diminishing the quality of air for ourselves, our entire ecosystem is impacted by unclean air.

Our beloved wildlife depends on us to keep the air healthy. NOx – VOCs contribute to greenhouse gas effects which trigger a cascade of environmental impacts, including the warming temperatures trending higher than ever before.

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Ways to be idle-free included parking and going inside rather than going through the drive through and warm up your engine by driving slowly rather than idling.

Take the Turn It Off Pledge at https://iturnitoff.com/#/savings.

Tayler Branson


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