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Letter: Two very important things to remember

As I see it, while living through the current circumstances of our lives, there are two very important things to remember:

  1. Every single one of us is on a suicide mission; certain death awaits us all (except, perhaps in the spirit…); and each of us should be given the respect that we deserve, as well as the dignity and accolades for having chosen such a mission in the first place.
  2. On some level and in some fashion, we are all damaged (through the faults of others, or the faults of our own …) or, in more severe cases, sick from the damage that we have incurred in our tenure, here, on this beloved planet.

In some fashion, we are all suffering. This particular time is particularly challenging.

These events are bringing all of us closer to the realization of the fact that, in whatever way we may put our faith in some overwhelming power over us all, we are all human, and, by being human, are subject to the whims of that power … and, also (somehow), empowered to affect that power through the power of our, self-described and apparently limited (in the grand scheme of things), will.

In the words of Pogo: “We have met the enemy, and he is us …”

Our humanity is what unites us. It is also what divides us. Compassion for each other is the greatest asset that we have right now and it is what we will need going forward into the future that we dream of.

Love is the most important commodity of them all … and the best thing for us to express.

It has been said that money can buy love. The Beatles said that, “Money can’t buy you love.” I’ll let you be the judge of all of that. Just loving may be the best way to work that one out.

There are no guarantees of anything in this life, but apparently we signed up for it. Let’s make the best of it that we can.

Love to you all …

Arlan Moore



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