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Letter: Two worthwhile reads

There were two really good articles in Sunday’s Vail Daily: Steve Sheldon’s column on socialism and Jaymee Squires’ “Curious Nature.” Mr. Sheldon discussed the tendency to label “socialism” anything that is progressive. In his well-thought-out article, backed up with statistics about the plight of the average worker, he asks, “… is wanting our government to provide basic human necessities socialism?”  If you missed his column, check it out online.

Ms. Squires brings up the issue of idling. It is so pervasive and so unnecessary. Even a small truck, other than diesel, saves gas and lowers climate change pollution by being turned off when the driver goes in a store, however briefly. Last winter, I had a mother tell me she liked to warm up her car before taking her kids to school. She and her children all had their outside winter clothes on. I know that there are some old ranch vehicles that need special care, but usually, when someone jumps out of a vehicle and leaves it running, it is from just plain laziness.

Thanks, Vail Daily, for both of these thought-producing articles.

Katherine Delanoy



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