Letter: Unbiased?

I have written several letters to the editor of the Vail Daily and am always asked to cite my sources regarding factual statements. In fact, the newspaper’s requirements for letter submission include ”claims made have to be supported by facts and must cite sources as needed.” I continually note that statements made by politically liberal letter writers are printed without any reference sources. Consider Linda Car’s letter of late, “Remaking America,” stating that “Republicans are trying to do away with fair and free voting rights and health care for women and legal abortion” with no source cited. If I wrote in and said the Democrats want to cheat on voting and kill babies, I most certainly would rightfully hear from the editor to cite my sources.

I am asking the Vail Daily to be more careful in their reporting and approval of letters to the editor. You claim an unbiased position, but right now that is clearly a facade.

Joyce Chizmadia


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