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Letter: Unfit to serve

Marine Col. Bern Krueger published a letter in the Vail  Daily on July  5, describing true leadership and its absence in our current commander-in-chief. I support the colonel’s letter, but it didn’t go far enough to describe the current dangers we face. 

Like Col. Krueger, I answered my country’s call as a young man, spending eight years as an officer and pilot for the United States Air Force, including combat support, air evac, and mortuary missions in and out of Vietnam from 1967 to 1971. 

I remain a proud veteran and, despite Trump’s chaotic interference, continue to have confidence in our professional military leaders. 

I cannot say the same about the commander-in-chief. Trump is totally unfit to serve in that position. And, by offering unquestioning canine fealty to Trump, Sen. Cory Gardner has proven equally unfit to serve Colorado.

Trump is a draft dodger who doesn’t understand what the culture and mission of the U.S. military is or should be. 

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He abandoned the Kurds in Syria and expresses no concern about possible bounties on the heads of American troops in Afghanistan. He talks about “his” generals.  He gasses peaceful protesters in Lafayette Square to create a photo op with the Bible (really!) in front of St. John’s Church, using Army General Mark Miller, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, as a prop. This disgraceful stunt stained the career of an otherwise exemplary military leader. 

Gardner is a Trump toady. He has voted with Trump nearly 90% of the time, and never speaks out as Trump attacks our democracy. By his silence, Gardner is guilty of aiding and abetting this failed president. Gardner must not be re-elected as his presence in D.C. only worsens our situation by sanctioning Trump in his serial incompetence. 

Wright B. George, Capt. USAF

Vail and Fort Meyers, Fla. 

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