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Letter: Unreasonable price for Rittenhouse boat ramp

I understand that the Rittenhouse boat ramp is on private property and the owner has every right to charge a reasonable fee for its use, or to block its use from the public. And while I understand that closing the ramp would be a hardship for some, the price to be paid is simply unreasonable and the town of Gypsum should not be paying nearly a third of the owner’s mortgage every year for access to the ramp for a very small subset of the population that uses it (I’ve been a boater for 20 years and float the Eagle regularly).

Other private ramps have gone the way of a per boat or user fee, usually $1 per person or $5 per boat. At these prices, you would need 14,400 users per year or 2,880 launches or takeouts per season, and a four-month season is being very generous on the Lower Eagle.

Again, absolutely unreasonable, especially if the town was going to indemnify the owner. Why not just float a little farther to the Cottonwood Ramp or put in at the Eagle Fairgrounds to extend your day. Perhaps the town should look into building its own ramp in the right of way next to the stone bridge instead of paying this exorbitant price. There is simply no way he will find another party that will indemnify him and pay a price anywhere close to what is being asked.

Scott Schreiner


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