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Letter: Use town of Vail’s increased parking fees to fund Vail Recreation District

Dear Town of Vail Parking and Vail Recreation District: You don’t know what you don’t know, so please let me share with you an exchange I’m willing to entertain as a resident of Vail. I respectfully request you please consider what I am proposing.

Town of Vail just changed the two-hour free parking in Lionshead Village next to Dobson Ice Arena from two hours to 1.5 hours. Now there is a clever increase to a $5 flat rate for the extra 30 minutes; however, every family with a skater, whether figure, hockey or recreational, loses on this increase.

Quick example: A figure skater arrives at 6 a.m. and is on the ice until 7:30 a.m. She then needs to change clothes and head directly to school. She gets ready, as she has for the past seven years, but now you are charging her to do so by way of a $5 parking fee.

Perhaps you have unknowingly increased her skating fees by at least $60 per month, and this is if she skates only three days per week. More skating days will cost her even more. This increase will hit families across Eagle County and reduce their pleasure at Dobson. Now multiply the above example by hockey, learn-to-skates and other frequent Dobson users. Clearly, you can now see you have hurt your locals, users of Dobson Ice Arena, a Vail Recreation District facility.

Please give Eagle County skaters (kids, adults, coaches, families, event-goers) a chance at keeping the two-hour free parking time for Dobson Ice Arena, and I’ll consider voting “yes” on A. If you can’t arrange this before voting day, please keep the money from the parking increase and allocate it to Vail Recreation District. Indeed, it would be nice to upgrade facilities, but you are already collecting funds by way of a parking increase.

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Gina Spessard


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