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Letter: Useless politicians

In our democracy we elect politicians to represent us with the thought that they will address issues we consider to be important to us for one reason or another and/or to solve problems we feel need solving. I would venture to say that the reason for the current state of affairs surrounding and rotting the core of our nation is that neither of those objectives is being met. I’d like to say it’s occurring on both sides of the political aisle. But that’s not the case. More and more Republicans, conservatives and the NRA are just blocking without offering to join with Democrats in finding common solutions to the problems our children and the parents of deceased children are experiencing now daily to name just one such problem. 

So, while the Colorado equivalent of the NRA celebrates the defeat of an assault weapons ban bill by summoning to Denver enough members to overwhelm those who spoke in favor of it, I don’t see them offering to join with well-meaning supporters of restrictive gun legislation to help study reasonable solutions or craft legislation that might keep such weapons out of the hands of those who attacked Americans hoping to enjoy a night out at the movies in Aurora or those who pursued their education at a high school in suburban Denver or attempted to fill their shopping carts with needed groceries at a supermarket in Boulder, or … the list goes on and keeps growing. 

I think we can all understand someone’s political position once they’ve made it clear to us. The problem arises when that position refuses to adapt itself to a situation that still needs a solution, and not just one where the opposition says, “No way!” Say that often enough and you will wind up with citizens killing children who mistakenly wind up standing before them on a dark night or accidentally turning up the wrong driveway. That is, sadly, where we have now arrived. 

Gus Nicholson

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