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Letter: Vail Daily columnist should take the high road, stop the Trump-bashing

First and foremost, let me thank you for producing a great little local newspaper that my neighbors and I all enjoy and will drive several miles out of our day to retrieve. In fact, it’s probably the only regular newspaper that has survived the terrible division that exists between left and right, between fake and real news and the divided country between conservatives and liberals.

I personally don’t care much for these labels, but it seems the country is more divided than ever. Your newspaper is super useful, and we support your advertisers almost daily wherever we can. Thank you for this service to the community.

This brings me to my second point and reason for writing to you. When you publish articles like “Pity the poor ‘Shoe Hilt’ nations” (Richard Carnes, Tuesday, Jan. 16) that are so obviously anti-Trump, calling him all sorts of names, ever so cleverly disguised, you aggravate approximately 50 percent of your potential readers and, in this wonderful Vail Valley, probably many more.

This distasteful bashing of our country’s President, irrespective of your political leaning, is disrespectful, completely pointless and counterproductive. We should all return to an age of civility, and irrespective of how President Donald Trump communicates a point he is trying to make, we should remember that there is one President and one nation called the United States of America.

I thought that President Obama was probably the worst I had ever come across, and I grew up in several “Shoe Hilt” nations and have travelled to virtually all of them, but you would not catch me writing such disrespectful words. He did, after all, do good things, too, and he was, after all, my President.

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The terrible commercial lessons being learnt by Trump-bashing newspapers, brands such as Target, Nordstrom and Lindsey Vonn, should not be lost on you as a business owner. No conservative will be swayed to vote another way by such a disrespectful article, and no liberal will be swayed, either. No independent will make up his mind to vote any other which way by this kind of pointless and inflammatory commentary.

There is nothing but downside in publishing articles like that and having the super cool Vail Daily fall from grace like all those other Trump-bashing rags that are rapidly on their way to insolvency because the people who buy newspapers no longer trust them in any way.

Conservatives and independents have always voted with their wallets. Why not take the high road and focus on the tremendous value that the Vail Daily provides before consumers, advertisers and supporters boycott it the way they are boycotting the NFL, Lindsey Vonn, ABC, CBS, CNN, Target the various “Posts” that are producing their worst new business sales results in 20 years?

Thank you, nevertheless, for a great newspaper and a terrific service to the community.


Anric Blatt


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