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Letter: Vail Daily’s Gypsum headline a real stinker

This letter is in reference to the article written on June 24 regarding the “stink” in Gypsum. 

We, as the Gypsum Chamber of Commerce, and all our business owner members, were disappointed in the headline “What Stinks in Gypsum?”  Most of the residents we spoke to had not even realized there was an issue in the one residential area where this “stink” eluded to be. Almost no one we spoke to bothered to actually read the article to fully understand the situation the author was trying to convey; we don’t believe this headline put our town in a very positive light. 

Think of a Realtor trying to sell a home; think of a restaurant with outdoor seating; the headline wouldn’t. doesn’t excite anyone wishing to enjoy all that we have to offer downvalley.   

The Gypsum Chamber of Commerce would hope for greater discretion in the choice of future headlines for any town in the valley, in any such non-newsworthy events. We believe that headlines in a popular local newspaper stick in your mind and call attention to a subject; the editor’s choice of the headline was inaccurate of our town as a whole.  

If this had been deemed newsworthy and of the cover page story, perhaps a better headline could have been written; one that would call attention to an issue, yet not provide such a bold statement regarding a “stink” which does not conjure anything pleasant.

Gypsum is a thriving business and residential community whose amazing residents have spent years putting in personal and business time, money and efforts to rebrand Gypsum from an industrial city to a welcoming community that would prefer to entice visitors, new businesses and of course, tourists. There is so much to offer in this great town and the headline you chose to print let us all down.

Gypsum Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors


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