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Letter: Vail is spending other people’s money frivolously

Just when I thought government couldn’t possibly think of new ways to spend other people’s money — town of Vail officials did.

I read with dismay the announcement that the town of Vail will distribute $500,000 — yes, that’s half of a million dollars — to its employees for inflation relief. Really? It’s clear that means that they are still employed — with benefits, vacation pay, retirement plans, and paid sick days — but they need your tax dollars for inflation relief?

The basic needs of the community and the allocation of public funds for public necessities should be a priority — not bonuses to employees who are no worse off than most taxpayers who are suffering from the same issues but have no recourse for solutions. I would venture to guess that most employees who do not work for the town of Vail and who do not have the endless list of benefits that government employees have could also use inflation relief. Instead, through their tax dollars, they are expecting you to foot the bill for this nonsense.

I mean really? Is there no end to the way elected officials can use their creative skills to misuse public funds? Because they are never shy about asking us when they need new taxes. How can they ask us , wIth a straight face, to pay more taxes for housing or transportation or open space or anything else and then in one swoop make such an irresponsible decision and give away a large chunk of your money when most of you could use that money as much, if not more than, the the town of Vail employees that work for you?

This is public money. This is not a private slush fund. These dollars — again, half a million of them — are coming from unfilled positions. Did any of you miss them? At the very least it is insulting to think that your hard-earned dollars are being funneled into bonuses for people who are currently employed and who, by the way, work for you — something elected officials routinely forget. And to add further insult, you have just been asked to pay more taxes for projects the community truly needs.

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Wouldn’t it seem logical and responsible to use those funds for housing or one of the other serious needs in the community? Instead, I expect some of this money will be spent on beach vacations where they serve silly drinks with umbrellas in them. Merry Christmas.

Kaye Ferry

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