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Letter: Vail Mountain slips off the list

When I read that Vail Mountain fell off the top 20 this year of Conde Nast Traveler’s list, it came to me as no surprise. But the main surprise was that the town of Vail was upset at Vail Mountain for the slip. Town officials need to take a hard look in the mirror at how their actions have caused this. From the moment you exit Interstate 70, there is this imposing presence of town of Vail just waiting to pounce on you for everything.

If you park on the frontage road, you are immediately ticketed by code enforcement. Enter the structure? No more two hours on the house. You want service from employees? You’re out of luck because the employees can’t afford the $400 parking fee at Ford Park. Want housing? Not in my backyard — the sheep win unless you’re a home builder or the Vail Mountain School.

For employees, such as myself, it’s much easier and pleasant to work at Beaver Creek where the parking is free, the environment is friendlier and there is not the ever-imposing town of Vail looming to write you a ticket. And by the way, Lionshead is a disgrace with that abandoned building. Maybe the town of Vail should demolish it — they seem to have an extra $12 million floating around. No, Vail Resorts is not the evil empire — it’s the town of Vail.

James Gilligan 

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