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Letter Vail Recreation District thanks Vail Resorts for being a great partner and host

On behalf of the Vail Recreation District, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Vail Resorts for the support they give the VRD year-round.

In the summer, Vail Resorts helps the Vail Recreation District serve the community through camps at the Golden Peak Children’s Center. Vail Resorts has rented VRD the center at a rate that is well below market value, and it has been an attentive, considerate and professional landlord. Vail Resorts is a true corporate citizen of Vail, and it makes decisions that are beneficial to this town where we live, work and play.

As we all know, corporations don’t make decisions; people do. We’d like to specifically acknowledge Jeff Babb, Greg Willis, Sherry McDonald, Jason Schetrompf and Fred Rumford for taking us in at Golden Peak Children’s Center, summer after summer. As many of you know, Golden Peak is “home” to Sherry, and she welcomes us into her home every summer and works while we are entertaining children just outside her office. We appreciate her patience and her keen eye for making sure we all work together to maintain and improve Golden Peak Children’s Center every year.

Also, every summer the VRD hosts a handful of trail-running races on Vail Mountain that attract competitive and recreational runners from our community, as well as around the state and across the country. The VRD takes great pride in the experience we offer our participants, and it would not be possible without the support of Vail Resorts and its incredible staff.

We specifically want to thank Julie Rust, Shawn Carney, Roger Cardoza, Matty Whalen, Caroline Stone, Tom Corrigan and the rest of the Vail Resorts SAC crew and lift operations team for their professionalism and hard work. They take ownership of these races and deliver an experience that guests come back to year after year.

Finally, we’d like to also acknowledge the many Vail Resorts crews that treat us like teammates and serve us as if we were their own: Vail Resorts Base Ops, Mountain Services and Security.

With gratitude,

Mike Ortiz, executive director

Chad Young, youth services and community programming

Beth Pappas, sports event and partnership director

Vail Recreation District

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