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Letter: Vail Resorts’ Commitment to Zero

Vail Mountain COO Beth Howard’s comments in the Nov. 15 edition of the Vail Daily on the company’s commitment to “zero operating impact on forests and natural habitat” as part of their “Commitment to Zero” by 2030 were disingenuous at best. She also said, “the natural environment is our product, and we take that seriously.” Rob Katz, CEO, is quoted as saying “the environment is our business and we have a special obligation to protect it.” 

Really! What about VR’s planned housing project with Triumph Development on the Booth Heights parcel, smack in the middle of critical winter range for our dwindling herd of bighorn sheep? If they persist in this project, by 2030, there will be zero sheep and that would fit very nicely into their Commitment to Zero. Vail Resorts has other options for housing and we challenge them to abandon this miserable project before it is too late.

Charlie and Patti Langmaid


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