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Letter: Vail Resorts supports Vail Recreation District ballot question A to increase taxes

On behalf of Vail Resorts, I would like to offer our enthusiastic support of the Vail Recreation District’s ballot question A.

First, let me start by saying that the VRD staff and board leadership have been tremendous partners to our mountain operations at Vail and Beaver Creek for a number of years. Together, we have been able to provide unique events and amenities to thousands of locals and guests at our premier outdoor venues.

Second, the VRD has historically created and implemented youth programs that many of our employee families have thrived upon.

The original mill levy has gone unchanged in 24 years and at the time of its creation was envisioned to handle operating expenses only and not the increasing capital costs of running an increasingly complex district in our high-quality resort town.

A healthy and thriving community is very important to Vail Resorts and thus, the preservation of affordable recreational and educational opportunities for our children is important. Approval of A and a mill levy increase — residential property owners will see a $36 increase annually on $500,000 assessed value — means user rates and program costs will not have to face significant bumps.

In addition, it would help pay for a capital project effort over the next 10 years to update and maintain safe and environmentally friendly facilities; build programming for seniors in the community; and recruit and retain quality employees. These are all the reasons why Vail Resorts urges residents within the Vail Recreation District to vote “yes” on A.

Kristin Kenney Williams

Vice president, Mountain Community Affairs

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