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Letter: Vail Resorts’ vaccine mandate double standard

After reading the article by John LaConte about Vail Resorts requiring vaccination proof for its employees and dining guests, it appears the policy is based upon a double standard. Employees will be required to be vaccinated “for their safety and protection as well as the safety and protection of guests and resort communities.”

If proof of vaccination will be required for guests at all quick-service, (cafeteria style) restaurants but not at fine dining establishments like The 10th at Vail, then at the end of the day, the policy is based on socio-economic status.

What message does it send when an employee is protected by a policy when catering to one group of guests, but put at risk when catering to another? So essentially Vail Resorts has come up with one set of requirements for the common folk and a very different set for the wealthy. Shame on you, Vail Resorts.

Keven J. Reijonen


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