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Letter: Vail Resorts’ words versus actions

Vail Resorts actions do not support its stated EpicPromise. Vail Resorts has stated the intent to build on the Booth Heights property and threatens litigation in order to do so. This stance comes despite the risk of demise posed to our bighorn sheep, destruction to the natural environment and a significant outcry of opposition by our community.

A plan for relocation of the same number housing units to a location closer to town, as well as saving the habitat for the bighorn sheep herd came about through cooperation by the community and town government. A mostly absent Vail Resorts then stepped into the process to forcefully advocate the desire to build on what was for many years thought to be open space owned by the Colorado Department of Transportation. The EpicPromise to support local communities and help conserve natural environment is in direct opposition to Vail Resorts’ actions.

Donna Mumma


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