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Letter: Vail Symposium’s big doubleheaders

Last year, Vail Symposium significantly expanded its offering of geopolitical coverage by introducing back-to-back doubleheaders on two consecutive nights to focus on a major aspect of geopolitics. On Wednesday and Thursday, January 23 and 24, Vail Symposium is presenting its second annual mega Geopolitical Series program: “The Rise of Asia in the 21st Century and What It Means for the United States.”

We have four outstanding speakers (including audience favorite Jamie Metzl) who will address four different aspects of some of the major issues, moderated by the inimitable Greg Dobbs. The details of the talk and their backgrounds are on the Vail Symposium website, but topics include discussion of the trade disputes with China, reflections on democratic change in Asia and China’s emerging global leadership.

Please visit the Vail Symposium website (vailsymposium.org) and sign up for the programs at the Donovan Pavilion — you’ll be glad you did.

Dale Mosier

Vail Symposium Chairperson

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