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Letter: Virgili, Hartzell for CMC board

Four years ago I was honored to be elected the Colorado Mountain College board of trustees and I am running, unopposed, for the secnd term. I now ask you to elect Marianne Virgili and Bob Hartzell who are both experienced civic leaders, with long histories of business success, and are very knowledgeable about our communities and well respected by their constituents.

Colorado Mountain College is in the business of education, a business that has built a strong team of educators at 11 campuses. It’s a business with an excellent team of administrators to support our educational professionals and the campuses in which they teach and nurture our 20,000 students.

I stress the business aspect of a multi-campus college with two- and four-year degrees with almost 1,000 employees. The board of trustees’ role is to oversee the CMC leadership, our mission and our taxpayers’ investment in the success of the college for our students and communities. The position of a trustee requires an enormous amount of time, passion and commitment — think county commissioner, without compensation. As retired professionals, both Marianne Virgili and Bob Hartzell have, and are ready to commit, the time necessary to represent our students, faculty, staff and taxpayers in pursuit of educational excellence.

Marianne Virgili served for 30 years as director of the Glenwood Springs Chamber of Commerce as a visionary and collaborator with hundreds of business owners and community leaders. Marianne has also been a champion for CMC, leading successful campaigns to lobby our state legislators to introduce bachelor degree programs for CMC and chairing CMC’s challenge to the Gallagher Amendment to keep your tax dollars supporting CMC, not Front Range growth. You can learn more about her at http://www.virgiliforcmc.com.

Bob Hartzell’s experience clearly makes him the most qualified candidate from Lake County. Bob has been a leader in Leadville since 1970. He held multiple positions at CMC from 1979-2004, he designed and directed the prestigious Central Rockies Leadership Program with CMC for 10 years, honing the skills hundreds of aspiring leaders from our vital community organizations. Bob has also served on Leadville City Council for five years, on the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board for 11 years, and has been the director of the National Mining Hall of Fame for five years, among other accomplishments.

In the last four years, CMC’s strategic plan was successfully completed.  Bachelor degree programs have grown dramatically and expanded to multiple campuses. We are also proud to announce that associate degree and certification programs continually evolve to meet the specific needs of the employers in our communities, offering our residents the ability to be educated and work where they live, keeping the workforce strong while not adding to housing shortages.

I believe that the best candidates to serve with me as trustees furthering the CMC mission to be the most inclusive and innovative student-centered college in the nation, while elevating the vitality of our communities,  are Marianne Virgili and Bob Hartzell.

Patty Theobald

President, CMC Board of Trustees, Summit County

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