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Letter: Visitors and the value of gratitude

When you decide to travel to Vail, whether it be for a special event, a family ski trip or just a quick getaway, you might not stop to think about the work that goes on behind the scenes to accommodate your arrival. A snowstorm-induced airport delay may present a headache for your group, but the shuttle service employee does not complain. It’s their job to drive hours in ever-changing, sometimes frightening conditions to bring you to and from your vacation rental.

Every request for a mountain-view room or an early check-in is diligently tended to by a lodging employee whose only goal is to get you what you’ve asked for. Every mountain bike, every pair of skis and every snowboard you rent is painstakingly cleaned, tuned and checked for your safety and enjoyment by a busy gear shop employee. That awesome Sunday brunch your family enjoyed in a packed house was prepared with attentiveness and care by a talented chef whose shift won’t even begin to wind down until the very last person is fed.

Housekeeping staff across the valley work before the lifts open until long after they close, making sure you return to fresh towels and a neat and pleasant room. The cashiers at City Market, the baristas at Starbucks, lift attendants, delivery drivers, servers and town of Vail employees all see hundreds of you every day — Always with a smile, always with the urgency and efficiency you expect to keep your vacation going smoothly. 

We work so that you can play. And we work very hard.

So please, as you spend some time visiting our beautiful home, also try to take a moment to appreciate the efforts quietly being made around you. For you. We never expect anything in return — vacationing in Vail can add up and we know. But luckily for you and for us, a smile and a simple “thank you” are immeasurably valuable and always free.

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Kiri Herrmann-Tross


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