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Letter: Visitors, wear a mask

I am feeling less safe in my own community because of returning visitors and second-home owners who are refusing to wear masks in public. I agree with Jack and Greer Gardner’s letter to editor. I will not be visiting or supporting local merchants or restaurants if we cannot be safe. Visits to Vail Village over the last two weeks show little to no social distancing and only about 25% or people wearings masks.

The residents of the Vail Valley have welcomed our visitors into our home and community. You are our guests. We have been self-isolating for over 100 days, like you. We want to go out too! Our county guidelines recommend covering your face in public places when you cannot socially distance. We are wearing masks to protect you and our friends and neighbors who live and work here. We do not want to be threatened by guests who unknowingly bring COVID-19 from areas of high infection and who refuse to wear masks in our hometowns. Doctors all over the country recommend this simple precaution. It is not the most comfortable, but certainly more comfortable than a ventilator. We cannot be safe unless you respect our health.  

We are seeing a significant increase in the number of cases of COVID-19 in Eagle County. The Vail Daily reported 25 new cases over the past weekend as visitors are returning to the Vail Valley. In early to mid-March, our small community was considered a “hot spot” in Colorado and in the country for coronavirus. There were eight deaths in a fairly short time in Eagle County directly attributed to COVID-19. I have personally known three of the eight people who died. So we are taking this very seriously here. 

We welcome guests to the great outdoors and our home. We ask that our visitors wear a mask to protect us and our friends and neighbors. We want to leave our homes to enjoy our own community. 

Gena Whitten

Eagle County

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