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Letter: Vote ‘America First’ on your primary ballot

I am writing to voters who are undecided about the upcoming Republican primary election. There are those who would point you to candidates that are being pushed forward by the entrenched RINO (Republican In Name Only) leadership at the local and state level. These people know the candidates that they can easily control. This is exactly why there has been a massive shift to the left in Colorado politics over the past two decades. Misinformation and manipulation by those who are “in charge” have put many in office who do not have our best interests in mind. They are the weak-kneed, compromised politicians we don’t need more of.

I encourage voters to consider the “America First” movement, which is guided by impassioned leaders who are acting independently of the status quo to help create positive, balanced change in our communities.

Greg Lopez for governor, Ron Hanks for U.S. Senate, Tina Peters for secretary of state, and Savannah Wolfson for Colorado House District 26, are among those leaders. 

Jared Polis, Dylan Roberts, and Meghan Lukens have taken Colorado into a downward spiral of government overreach, greater crime, inflation, and despair.

Do you want a Zuckerberg-controlled minion like Pam Anderson as our secretary of state? Please take a look at the legislation that was recently passed by the state Senate (SB22-153) giving the secretary of state unprecedented powers and control over elections. These powers will only be safe in the hands of Tina Peters, who has proven her integrity, and her commitment to Coloradans.

I urge everyone to exercise their right to vote. Many people are put in office with a small percentage of eligible votes being cast. If conservative voters were increased by even 10%, together, we could make Colorado’s political landscape as incredible as its natural landscape. 

Rebecca Wilson

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