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Letter: Vote for 2A, Coggin, Seibert and Davis

Moe’s Original BBQ in Lionshead is currently operating with eight staff, which is half our normal number. Of our current employees, 25% are “homeless” and sleeping on friend’s couches or in campers. This is not a wage issue — it’s a housing issue, period. We need housing now and we need the funds to allow the Town Council to act. Ballot Issue 2A is a tax that is paid for by our visitors who spent over $600 million dollars in Vail in 2020.

Travis Coggin, Barry Davis, and Pete Seibert understand our critical need for housing and, I believe, have the courage to address it.

Please vote yes on 2A and for Coggin, Davis and Seibert this election.

Ben Gilbert

Owner, Moe’s Original BBQ, Lionshead

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