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Letter: Vote for experience: Shelly Jarnot for Eagle County Schools Board of Education

As past president and school board member, I pay close attention during election season to see who is interested in representing you on the Eagle County Schools Board of Education. I am so pleased to see that current board member Shelly Jarnot is willing to continue her service on the board.

The school board has worked hard to create the positive direction for the school district and the positive outcomes for our students. The momentum forward is amazing to see, and we need to ensure it continues. Exceptional work has occurred over the four years Shelly has been on the board, including the implementation of a multiyear strategic plan and the passage of the mill levy and bond for school improvements.

Being a board member is an extraordinary time commitment, with two meetings each month with board materials to read and review before each meeting exceeding hundreds of pages. There are also committees to serve on, work sessions and public engagement events — the hours committed are staggering. A good board member needs to be prepared for each meeting, willing to hear from all stakeholders and make tough policy decisions.

I was fortunate to serve on the board with Shelly for two years, and I saw firsthand that she has what it takes to be an exception board member. Shelly does all of the homework necessary to be a well-informed board member able to make fair, balanced decisions on behalf of all the children of Eagle County. Her careful attention to detail and her commitment to the students and an understanding of how the decisions made affect them is an asset to the board and community.

Having a highly qualified candidate with her level of experience is invaluable to continuing the exciting path the school district is on. I urge you to consider dedication, experience and track record and vote for Shelly Jarnot.

Jeanne McQueeney


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