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Letter: Vote for Heidi

I am an unaffiliated voter who will be voting in the Democratic primary for Heidi McCollum for district attorney.  Heidi and I grew up together in Eagle County, and I’m confident that her values, character, work ethic and leadership will benefit all of us as district attorney for the 5th Judicial District, which includes Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit counties. 

She is pursuing this role because she’s passionate about the work that the district attorney’s office does, often behind the scenes, to protect our communities, especially those who need protecting most. She is equally passionate about serving this region, where she has lived her entire life, and providing leadership for the organization as it takes on its critical work. To learn more about Heidi, the work she has been doing, and her vision for the role of district attorney, visit http://www.HeidiforDA.com, and please join me in voting for Heidi by June 30!

 Chris Jarnot


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